September 30, 2009

don't stop believin'

It's official...I'm a "Gleek."
I absolutely adore Fox's new series Glee.

I sing along. I cheer for the music geeks. I hiss at the Cheerios. My heart breaks every time Rachel gets drenched in the face with yet another neon-coloured big gulp. I feel her pain...I really do.

"Glee is set in Lima, Ohio. (Ryan) Murphy chose a Midwest setting as he himself originates from Indiana, and recalls childhood visits to Ohio to the Kings Island theme park. Although uncertain why he selected Lima specifically, Murphy recounts that the location stayed in his memory as: "when I was a very little kid, there was a series of tornadoes that swept through Lima on Mother's Day" and his grandparents would often discuss the event.[7] Lima Senior High School choir members were able to view an early release of the pilot episode, but found that it contained few references to the area, and commented that the depiction of the city was largely implausible and negative." From the Glee TV series Wikipedia page
Well, good for the real life members of the Lima Ohio HS Choir...glad to know life's peachy for them. I'm thinking maybe Ryan Murphy should have set the show in his home state - because as a former member of a high school show choir in Indiana I can tell you that he's getting a LOT of things painfully, hilariously, brilliantly, heartbreakingly right. (Take it from this Rachel, we had our share of Quinns and Pucks - the Tigerettes who joined choir for one semester their senior year because they needed another extra-curricular activity to add to their college applications, the basketball player who joined choir and S.A.D.D because he'd gotten caught drunk by his parents and was going to get his car keys taken away and his letter stripped off his jacket if he didn't do what his mother said.) Oh, the drama.

Yes, that's me...

On a recent trip back to my hometown to visit family, I came across a box of old pictures from my high school years. There were photos from marching band and show choir, madrigals, and Jr. Miss. When I got to the snaps of my graduation ceremony I burst out laughing. When my dad asked me what was so funny, I said, "All the boys look bored to death and all the girls look so sad. But I look downright giddy. I couldn't wait to get out of there."

My dad frowned at me and said, "I thought you liked high school. You always seemed so involved."

"No, Dad, I hated it."

"Really. Guess you had me fooled."

That's because I was smart enough to crank up the showtunes before crying my eyes out behind my bedroom door.

So here's to all the Rachels, Kurts, Arties, Mercedes and Tinas out there, struggling through your HS days. Take heart. It will get better. You'll get out of there and away from those kids you've been lumped together with and compared to since kindergarden. You'll go someplace where no one knows your name and become who you're meant to be. You'll sing your songs and write your stories and find other people along the way who feel the way you do about the world and fairness and art and love.

Don't stop believin' ...

This is Petra Harden - ONE woman singing all the parts, even the instrumentals!


Ross Creek Centre for the Arts said...

This is fabulous: I love the pictures and only wish we had a glee club at my high school that hell might have been more bearable - on the other hand here I am :-)...

Lorie-Ann said...

Petra does a wonderful job with that song. We didn't have a glee club in our HS, but in Halifax QEH and St. Pat's had musicals every year and their performances drew huge crowds from other HS's. I've seen it when a HS celebrates their hockey team as much as their drama club and when it happens, it's truly magical!

Amber said...

Oh Ami - you are so right. HS was awful. I couldn't wait to get the heck out of there. I would long for the one weekend a month when I got to go to Bloomington to be with the corps.

I love the pictures! I also wanted to say thanks one more time for being such a positive influence on my life and such a bright spot in my childhood memories. If you were ever unhappy, I didn't know. You were always such a smiling, cheery face. I (and the royal Meranda "we") absolutely loved and adored you.

Thanks for everything.xoxo

Sally said...

Yay - I love this show too... I've watched it on line (usually miss the broadcasts) and giggle my head off while the kids shush me... love the cast... Jane Lynch is brilliantly BAD.. (she kills me in the movie 'Best in Show' too - sooo talented)... its the one to watch fer sure! Cheers, Sally (0:

meli-mello said...

Not having a tv I usually pay no attention to what is popular but I really REALLy want to see this show. When I was in high school it was called "Jazz Choir" and there were 12 of us with microphones and bowties.You had to audition to get in. Yup - that was me.

Ginger B. (Barbara) Collins said...

I'm right there with you! A total Gleek! Here's my only question: What school lets the cheerleaders prance around all day in their uniforms?

Ginger B.

Jodi said...

I am also a "Gleek" and was happy to learn you are as well:) Thank you for sharing your own Glee Club pictures, they were awesome! I haven't visited your Blog for a few months so I was very excited to learn more about your upcoming to be read at our Book Club, for sure!